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What is the Objective of the Resume?

Inventors try to come up with products that will accomplish multiple objectives.  For example, Steve Jobs invented the iPhone, which is not only a telephone, but a camera as well.  Soap manufacturers have come up with cleaning powders that can clean laundry as well as floors and cosmetic companies have products that will soften the skin and make it look naturally tan.  When it comes to a resume, however, things are different. 

Resume formats can vary, depending on the situation.  For example, online resume formats are often different than ones that are typed and printed.  The main point is to keep the resume consistent.  Once a format has begun, the candidate should follow through and complete the entire resume in the same format.  It is important to write a resume in a straightforward, unassuming manner.

While information about the job candidate’s skills and abilities is important, he or she should find ways to include general information in the resume that will give the potential employer an idea of his or her style of working.  Resumes should portray the general demeanors of the job candidates’ personalities.

It is important that the job candidate not go off on any type of tangent with regard to personal information.  Casual mention of pertinent information is best.  If the potential employer is interested in further information, he or she will surely ask for it.

Communicating well and remaining direct and straightforward is best.

Oftentimes, potential employers will merely skim over resumes because they are required to read so many of them in a given day.  This is why the job candidate should take extra care to communicate clearly, and to highlight any of the points that will convince the employer that he or she will do the job better than anyone else.  If a candidate has special skills such as being able to speak a second or third language, or knowledge of a particular piece of equipment, this should also be noted in the resume.

The resume is not the place to write special requests, or to negotiate.  The one and only objective that it has is to show the employer that the candidate has the potential to do a job well, and to convince him or her to explore the candidate’s potential even further.  Organization is crucial, and writing information in chronological order is imperative.  The resume should be easy to read and be able to concentrate the most information in as few words as possible.  These few pointers can make all the difference in getting the job.


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