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What makes a good resume

In today’s job market, the person most successful in finding the right position is the one who is willing to do what it takes to market himself or herself successfully.  Either he or she knows how to write a resume perfectly, or the successful applicant will hire a professional resume writer to do the job for him or her.

One’s resume has the power to either cause the hiring committee of a company to want to learn more about an applicant or to cause it to not want to give the applicant a chance.  Job recruiters look for many things in resumes, including neat resume formats, the right personal information about a person, indications of the person’s likes, dislikes and temperament and many other things.

Being Visible Online

It is crucial to make oneself visible to prospective employers online.  If one is able to bring his or her profile to the higher rankings on the Google search engine, the battle is half won.  Using resume templates to write a resume that will convince readers that the candidate is the person they have been searching for all along can be a highly effective way to find a career.   Professional resume writers know how to use resume formats that are keyword rich that can raise one’s search engine rankings.  This can make a huge difference in whether or not the applicant will be seen for someone who is looking for his or her specific job qualifications.  A straight-forward curriculum vita also helps.

Don’t Go Overboard

When using resumes as marketing tools, caution should be exercised to not go overboard with personal accolades. One can write a resume and highlight the pertinent information about him or herself without elaborating too much.  This should be saved for the interview.  Resumes that are too large are usually rejected without even being read.   Brief and to-the-point resume formats are the ones that work best.   The best resume templates portray job candidates are eloquent and humble.

Use Formal Language

The tone of one’s resume should be formal and professional.  This also includes the cover letter.  A well written cover letter places the job candidate at a distinct advantage.  It is best to address the prospective employer in third person, and to use simple, polite language rather than floral tones that are difficult to read. 

Using Online Tools

It is currently popular practice to upload one’s resume to one of the many online sources that are available on the Internet.  Many of these resume building sites have effective tools that allow job candidates to draft excellent resumes within minutes.  The applicant fills in the prompts that allow him or her to enter all of the necessary information required to complete the resume. 


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